Squished Shirts for Summer

8 May

One of the “coolest” things you can give away as a summer promo is a lightweight t-shirt. Most places that sell promo products online have a “Promotional Apparel” or “Promotional Clothing” section where you can get tees. But not all of them have a section for one of the most novel apparel ideas ever – compressed t-shirts. (Or as I like to call them, “squished shirts”.)

A compressed t-shirt is just like any other shirt except that it’s initially packaged very very tightly in a custom shape. You can get a compressed tee in almost any shape – and usually you’ll want to get a shape applicable to your brand or service. For example, if you’re a beer company you can give away a shirt with your beer company logo, and it will be compressed into the shape of a beer bottle. (Cool, huh?) You can even do an event-specific promotion – like a football-shaped shirt for football season promotions.

Whatever kind of shape you like, the compressed t-shirt is a great summer promo item. Summertime is when people want to wear cooler clothing, so shorts and t-shirts are the pieces of clothing they’re most often going to be wearing. (Flip-flops are another popular option as well, where summer footwear is concerned.)